Importance of Pressure Vessels Maintaining Inspections

March 6, 2019

As a manufacturer and service provider of transport equipment for the transportation of dangerous gases and liquids, Superior Pressure Vessels knows that inspection and maintenance is top priority.

We want to keep your drivers on the road, operating and safe. Having over 40 years of experience building and maintaining pressure vessels, we know that if pressurized vessels are not operated and maintained properly, equipment failure can occur. Committing to inspections and testing, proper maintenance, and trained employees can add longevity to the life of your equipment, avoid fines and penalties, protect the environment, and increase safety. 

Implementing Regular Pressure Vessels Inspection

We inspect, test, and repair TC/MC 331 tank transports in relation to the annual and five-year requirements as mandated by Transport Canada. These inspections entail: 

Annual testing consists of:

  • an external visual inspection to ensure that all aspects of the vessel, structural components and major appurtenances are free of defects, damage, or any other condition that would prevent their normal operation 
  • a leakage test to ensure that tank closures, piping, valves, and gaskets are in good condition and do not leak within the piping or to the exterior 
  • testing temporarily connected hose assemblies used for loading or off-loading for leaks, damage, and deterioration. 

Five-year testing is a more in-depth process covering, in addition to all aspects of the Annual Inspection:

  • an internal visual inspection along with magnetic particle testing to check for cracks, defects, and any other conditions that might render the tank unsafe for transportation service
  • pressure (hydro) testing of the vessel and piping to ensure successful retention of pressure
  • checking the upper coupler area to ensure the assembly is not damaged or corroded so as to affect safe operation of the vehicle
  • testing off-truck emergency shutdown system testing for successful operation
  • testing/recertification or replacement of reclosing pressure-relief devices
  • if required, thickness testing based on the existence of corrosion

The findings that come out as a result of these inspections and as identified by the owner's trained operators can identify repairs to be initiated in order for the units to be returned to service. An additional benefit from the process is to bring awareness to owners of ongoing maintenance that can and should be scheduled.

Trained Staff

As mentioned, Superior Pressure Vessels 40 plus years of experience has provided us the knowledge to meet all your LPG/NH3 truck and trailer needs. In the occurrence of any situations requiring evaluation and solution, Superior Pressure Vessels fully equipped staff are able to get you back on the road quickly all the while holding a conscientious position on safety concerns.


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