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April 10, 2019

A brand is a vital component of your business. Without a differentiating brand, your company gets lost in the shuffle. 

What is a brand? A brand creates a memorable image of your company. The perception you want to evoke starts with your brand. It tells people who you are. As a unique marketing tool, your brand distinguishes your organization or product from competitors. Marketing and communications help put a spotlight on your brand. Custom branding makes your loyal customers recognize you.

Superior Pressure Vessels understands standing out is important. You want customers to be loyal to your business and remember who you are. Colour, design, and tone are vital elements to incorporate into your brand. Your logo should speak to your target audience and sell your business. What can you do to get exposure?

Customize your logo to display on your pressure vessels

Our friendly team at Superior Pressure Vessels works with you. We help design and customize your logo to display on your pressurized vessel transport vehicle. When you choose Superior Pressure Vessels, your logo gets seen. Potential customers are wherever your transport vehicles go; in our case, this is throughout Canada and the U.S. We customize branding on compressed gas vessels, Bobtails, Multi-Axle, and Super B Train Trailers so your company gets exposure. 

Do you need a suggestion on how to choose your logo? A logo should evoke an emotional response. It needs to present the feelings you want your customers to have when they see your brand. Using colours that are bright and poppy will emit happy feelings whereas black is a more formal colour used to instill serious emotion. It is crucial to understand how every component of your business affects the consumer. Superior Pressure Vessels will help you get your message across. Think about your target customer. What do you want them to feel about your business?

How our logo represents our brand

Take our logo, for instance. Our brand name contains designs in black, red and grey. Black is a professional colour that portrays our seriousness. Safety is taken seriously at our company. In the pressurized gas industry, one leak can mean the end of a driver’s life so we are extremely serious about the safety of our pressurized vehicles. We perform M1 and M5 tests. By testing yearly and every five years, we make extra sure transportation products are safe on the road. Our skilled workers take every precaution to solidify safe equipment.

Red in our brand name represents our bold personality standing out from our competitors. Greater payload, innovative mentality and quality products are all part of what differentiates us from similar businesses. When you take us on as your pressure vessel tank and trailer provider, you will know the difference. Just like the red in our brand, we stand out.

The grey colour used in our logo shows our balance between serious and stand out. The colour represents the different metals and steel we use when customizing fenders and trailer components. This brings us to another point of personalization. Trailer parts like boxes, bumpers, and fenders can be created to your specifications. With the addition of your custom brand, we make sure you get exposure.

Superior Pressure Vessels knows the difference and can make a difference for you too. Get your brand to stand the test of time.


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